National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD) is a national initiative to encourage adults of all ages to plan ahead of a health crisis. Making decisions ahead of time and putting your wishes in writing brings peace of mind to families. It helps to avoid the difficult situations that are so common when a person becomes seriously ill and the family is left to guess what their loved one would have wanted. Another goal of this annual event is to encourage health care providers to discuss the topic with their patients.


Last year, hundreds of organizations including hospices, hospitals, places of worship, community groups and workplaces used National Healthcare Decisions Day to step up their community outreach efforts. Many of those organizations used Five Wishes and related promotional resources to increase their effectiveness. So can you.

How Five Wishes Can Help

Aging with Dignity offers valuable resources for you and your organization to observe NHDD.

Five Wishes: The most popular and easy to understand and use advance directive in America. This 12-page document, with a national circulation of 23 million, meets the legal requirements in 42 states. It includes important personal, emotional, and spiritual matters in addition to medical wishes.

Five Wishes Promotional Items: When you order Five Wishes, ask us about free Five Wishes "I did my wishes for” stickers - ideal for family, staff and volunteers to build awareness and showcase that completing wishes is a gift. For more, complete this form.

Five Wishes NHDD Toolkit
Aging with Dignity is your resource for advance directives and end-of-life care issues. Below are just a few items to help the cause:

 •  Customizable news release template to showcase your NHDD-Five Wishes events and activities 

 •  Proclamation template to help you bring recognition to NHDD from local and statewide officials

 •  Talking points about Five Wishes, NHDD and why they are important for your organization

 •  List of community outreach ideas using Five Wishes

 •  PowerPoint presentation

 •  Sample voicemail messages

Additional information about National Healthcare Decisions Day and ideas for outreach may be found at