Individuals can take care of their Five Wishes without waiting for a package to come in the mail. Five Wishes Online enables users to ​fill out a Five Wishes ​advance directive using an intuitive online interface that allows them to print and save their document. Five Wishes Online can be used in all 50 states. If a user's state has any unique requirements, Five Wishes Online provides these documents at no additional charge. 

How Can Our Organization Provide Five Wishes Online?

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Track Which Strategies Are Most Successful

See what strategies are bringing people to complete their Five Wishes advance directive.You can create different distribution campaigns for different communication venues: social, website, community presentations, etc. Each campaign has its own custom URL and promotional code. Learn more about campaigns and Five Wishes Online for ​here.

Two Ways to Customize Five Wishes Online

B2YBy2Display a sponsorship image each time a Five Wishes is printed. Different campaigns can use different sponsor images. 

You can also work with our graphic artist to customize the back cover of Five Wishes. ​You can simply add your logo or ​customize a full-page. List your locations, share a message, recognize local partners. ​Custom back covers can be used for Five Wishes Online or hard-copy Five Wishes. Read more about customizing your Five Wishes here.

Here are some sample custom ​back covers our partners have designed:

university_of_colorado_hosp 5X_International_FW AxisHealthcare vnaindianriverco malcore covenant GlendaleAdventist lancaster_county