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Aging with Dignity News

"...One of the best templates is called Five Wishes, which was created by Aging With Dignity ...”
—Glenn Ruffenach, The Wall Street Journal
"If you can’t speak, documents such as Five Wishes help make clear what relatives should do...The burdens on a family are significantly reduced when the patient has made decisions in advance--for instance, choosing a surrogate to act on his or her behalf by filling out a durable power of attorney for health care.  A living will, also known as an advance directive, helps a proxy understand the patients wishes--and 'avoids the suspicion that a family is doing something for ulterior motives'..."
—Jeff Chu, Time Magazine
nbc "I recommend getting a copy of the ‘5 Wishes Living Will,’ which is essentially a living will and health care proxy in one. I like it because it's written in plain English rather than in legalese.”
—Jean Chatzky, NBC News
“‘Five Wishes’ Living Will Aims to Help Families Prepare for the End of Life: The document, written in reader-friendly language, is aimed at prompting people to talk with their families and doctors about something most choose not to talk about: their own death.  With the help of an intensive care unit nurse and a hospital chaplain, Towey drafted a new document that became the basis of the Five Wishes advance directive. The goal is to prompt a conversation among families that is less morbid and less medical than it normally sounds to people contemplating their own death."
—Don Colburn, The Washington Post
Living Will from Florida Goes Nationwide: "An innovative living will that goes beyond medical questions to deal with personal, emotional and spiritual issues is going nationwide after it was successfully pioneered in Florida.”
—Frank Davies, The Miami Herald

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