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Ideal for your organizations’ community outreach and marketing goals

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When you distribute Five Wishes, in addition to providing an important service and helpful information, you have the opportunity to promote your company or organization. Orders of a thousand or more Five Wishes may be customized at no cost.

  • A Five Wishes tie-in helps organizations better communicate the “heart and soul” aspects of the product or service they offer.

  • Your organization’s message will be seen multiple times – when the user initially receives the document; when he’s discussing it with family members and health care providers; when it’s shared with others; when it’s updated; and when it’s being used during a time of serious illness.

  • Other promotional items you may be using have short life spans – they’re used and then soon discarded. When Five Wishes is completed, it’s kept for many years and copies are shared with others.

  • Because Five Wishes carries such a positive message about dignity, comfort and personal relationships, a positive association with your organization is formed in the mind of the user.

Contact in Aging with Dignity’s Outreach Department for more information on custom Five Wishes.

How to Customize Five Wishes for your organization

Half or all of the outside back cover of Five Wishes, with the exception of a small copyright paragraph, may be used to print your custom design.  Many custom Five Wishes users include their company logo, mission statement, list of programs or services, contact information and/or a letter addressed to their target audience. 

Print Specifications

Ink:  The Five Wishes standard ink color is PMS 293 (blue).  Please submit all graphics in black. Other colors are available for an additional cost.

Paper:  Five Wishes is printed on 60 pound white offset paper.

Dimensions:  Using only the bottom half of the back cover, the dimensions are 558 points (or 7.75 inches) wide and 286 points in depth (or 3.972 inches) tall.  If you intend to use the entire back cover, the dimensions are 558 points (or 7.75 inches) wide and 673 points (or 9.347 inches) tall. For bilingual Five Wishes, the available space is 558 points (or 7.75 inches) wide and 450 points (or 6.25 inches) tall.

Artwork:    Artwork may be in .eps (vector), .pdf, and .tif (minimum 300 ppi 100% of print size).  If you’re submitting artwork in Publisher or Word, additional graphic work may be required.  Please send artwork as an attachment via e-mail and directly to your Aging with Dignity Outreach contact.  Additional charges may apply if any redesign or additional graphic work is needed.  If you’re having trouble creating your design, please feel free to give us a call.  We’re always happy to help.

Shipping:  Shipping charges will be applied and will vary depending on weight and destination distance from Tallahassee, Florida.  We use FedEx Ground, or with very large orders, an independent trucking company, in order to obtain the best rate.

Turnaround:  Please allow approximately four weeks from the time we receive your artwork and billing information until your copies are shipped.


If you’d like to be invoiced for your order, we ask that you complete a billing profile form.  We’ll keep this on file, so this should be a one-time-only request.

1.  Complete the billing profile, making sure that it is signed by the person or department responsible for payment (i.e., Accounts Payable).

2.  Fax the completed billing profile form to Aging with Dignity at (850) 681-2481, or scan the completed form and send it via e-mail to your Aging with Dignity contact. 

3.  If your organization uses purchase orders, please fax us a copy of that as well. 

You will be charged the actual shipping charges which will be shown on your invoice.

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