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For businesses and organizations of all sizes, Five Wishes serves as both an employee benefit and for some, a valuable promotional tool.

As a Benefit

  • Eight out of 10 companies surveyed nationally think addressing end-of-life issues with their employees is important. Five Wishes is an inexpensive way to provide eldercare support, which helps to reduce employee absenteeism and increase productivity.

  • Five Wishes compliments other HR benefits, such as life insurance, pension planning and health insurance. It costs only $1 per employee and takes almost no staff time. All you have to do is hand it out!

  • Give each of your employees Five Wishes and the peace of mind that comes from knowing and understanding their family members' wishes in case of serious illness. Your employees can express their own preferences for care using Five Wishes even if you operate in a non-Five Wishes state.

  • Many employers include Five Wishes in all new employee packets and distribute it during annual “benefit fairs” and in annual benefit enrollment packages. Many also feature it in workplace informational displays, employee newsletters and e-mail messages.

  • Employers often use the Five Wishes Presenter’s Guide and instructional DVD to conduct “brown bag” or “lunch and learn” sessions. Many companies have found that attendance at these sessions improves if the advertising for it focuses on “preserving dignity,” “providing peace of mind to you and your family,” “maintaining control,” etc. Few will turn out for discussions of death, dying, growing old, etc.

  • Five Wishes at work offers employers help in familiarizing employees with Five Wishes. Sample announcements, newsletter articles, discussion guides, etc., are among the many support resources contained in our Distributor Resources section.

As a Marketing/Promotional Tool

  • Many businesses have found Five Wishes to be a valuable promotional and marketing tool. Five Wishes can be customized to carry your organization’s logo and message using half or all of the back page.

  • In addition to health care providers, financial planners, investment/estate advisers, elder bar attorneys and funeral service providers who offer pre-need plans are among the many types of organizations that use Five Wishes in their community outreach and marketing efforts.

Custom Five Wishes

Ideal for your organizations’ community outreach and marketing goals

When you distribute Five Wishes, in addition to providing an important service and helpful information, you have the opportunity to promote your company or organization. Orders of a thousand or more Five Wishes may be customized at no cost using half or all of the back page.

  • A Five Wishes tie-in helps organizations better communicate the “heart and soul” aspects of the product or service they offer.

  • Your organization’s message will be seen multiple times – when the user initially receives the document; when he’s discussing it with family members and health care providers; when it’s shared with others; when it’s updated; and when it’s being used during a time of serious illness.

  • Other promotional items you may be using have short life spans – they’re used and then soon discarded. When Five Wishes is completed, it’s kept for many years and copies are shared with others.

  • Because Five Wishes carries such a positive message about dignity, comfort and personal relationships, a positive association with your organization is formed in the mind of the user.

Contact in Aging with Dignity’s Outreach Department for more information on custom Five Wishes.

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